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Dallas Cowboys "America's Team" Patch Display (Feat. Smith, Elliot, Aikman, Prescott, More!)


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***GET A FREE COWBOYS HELMET 16x20 PHOTO w/ PURCHASE (SEE IMAGE ABOVE) *** Five Super Bowl titles. Thirty plus Playoff victories. Seventeen Division titles. From Tom Landry and Roger Staubach to Jason Garrett and Ezekiel Elliott today, America's Team has provided literally millions of fans worldwide with unforgettable memories for the past half-century. The Cowboys fan base spreads throughout the nation (hence the label "America's Team"), and even the World, setting records in consecutive sold-out games, including home and road contests. Dallas is tied with Pittsburgh for most Super Bowl appearances (8) and is the only team to amass 20 consecutive winning seasons. Formed as a franchise in 1960, QB Don Meredith and legendary coach Tom Landry led Dallas to a 10-3-1 record and NFC Eastern Division Championship in 1966, the beginning of a powerhouse franchise that would be in the Super Bowl mix for decades to come. The recent Cowboys are best known by their palace of a Stadium...the "Eighth Wonder of the World" as they like to call it in the Big D. And 'Dem Boys are playing some good football these days! The team has boasted an amazing array of Football Legends and Hall of Famers, many of whom are captured in the Sports Gallery Exclusive Display. Featured are Emmitt Smith, Ezekiel Elliot, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Dak Prescott and Mr. Cowboy himself, Bob Lilly. Quality Framed and measuring 29 1/2”w x 23½"h, this beauty includes Official Cowboys Patch and SGA Custom “America’s Team” Plate. OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PLATE! A great piece of Sports Art celebrating the greatness that is Dallas Football! GO COWBOYS!!