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Dallas Cowboys "First Game at AT&T Stadium" Panoramics (w/ Deluxe Patch Options)

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Many call the Cowboys "New" Texas Stadium (officially called AT&T Stadium), The Eighth Wonder of the World. The stadium is 3.2 million square feet and can fit TWO Houston Reliant Stadiums inside it! Costing approximately $1.3 billion, it seats 83,000 with upwards of 100,000 for concerts. It has three different kinds of artificial turf, a retractable roof, speakers the size of 18 wheelers, and a high definition double sided Jumbotron with smaller screens for the end zones. The Mitsubishi Video screens showing Stadiumvision are 157 feet by 75 feet. How's that for big screen TV?!? There are even huge video screens on the walls OUTSIDE the stadium. Everything is big in Texas and this marvel is no exception...quite possibly the most amazing stadium on the planet. Host to Super Bowl XLV, the photo of this print was taken at the inaugural regular season game - a September 20, 2010 Sunday Night matchup with the New York Giants. The Cowboys have the ball and on the move in tight fourth quarter action in this great shot. This beauty is available in three versions: Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Patch. Standard is framed in quality black wood moulding. The Deluxe version is framed with black wood moulding, Cowboys matting w/ trim, and customized plate that includes "First Game @ AT&T Stadium" plate, date and "America's Team". OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PLATE! Finally, the Deluxe Patch adds suede matting and an inset “Cowboys” Logo Patch to our Deluxe Framing. Whichever display option you choose, this beauty is a great way to celebrate a great franchise on the rise again - the perfect gift for any fan of 'Dem Boys!