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Dennis Eckersley Autographed "1989 World Series" Shadowbox


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Pitcher Dennis Eckersley blazed a unique path to Hall of Fame success. During the first half of his 24-year big league career, "Eck" won over 150 games primarily as a starter, including a stint with the Red Sox and a no-hitter in 1977 (a memorable 12-strikeout performance against the California Angels). Over his final 12 years, he saved nearly 400 games, leading his hometown Oakland A's to four American League West titles, three AL Championships and one World Series victory in 1989. His most impressive season was 1992 when Eck started off the season with a major-league record 36 consecutive saves. By the end of that season, Eckersley had tallied 51 saves. Even more impressive, he only walked 11 batters - six intentionally - while striking out 93. A baseball Hall of Fame inductee in 2004, Dennis will always be an Oakland fan favorite thanks not only to his success on the mound but his distinctive long hair and mustache. AND he closed-out the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series sweep over the rival Giants beating Brett Butler to the bag for the final out as shown in this great Sports Gallery Exclusive Shadowbox Display. This beauty features a hand-signed Official MLB Baseball from Dennis, 8x10 photograph of the final out of the 1989 World Series, and SGA Custom Plate commemorating this special A’s moment (OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PLATE!). Nobody does shadowboxes like Sports Gallery and this beauty is no exception. Measuring 21" w x 18" h with solid wood siding (no electrical tape here like other memorabilia store's shadowboxes), UV-protective glass and A's matting, this is a collectible…and Sports Art…that any A's fan would cherish!