Closing Sales!   Sports Gallery is Closing. SG is Closing  Last Days for Liquidation Sales. Closing Sales!   


After over 20 years in business, Sports Gallery will be shutting it's doors for the final time on June 12. It's been a good run, but it is time to move on...

Since we were mostly a "Build to Order/Order to Build" web/event retail company at the end, we don't carry a whole lot of inventory ever.  We always were more of a "breadth" of inventory company with a large selection, bus without large quantities of any one athlete. That translates to us having onesy-twosy of most collectibles to offer (so don't dilly-dally if you want something!). Also, the "Shelter Order" in place for the last couple of months has shut down our framing materials supply chain so we're extremely low. All of which means, deep discounts will not be likely on most items.  But not all!! We have a limited number of "loose" items (unframed, baseballs, pucks, etc.) and framed collectibles we put together for fundraisers that we're cancelled. Most important, this is you last chance to buy from Sports Gallery.  So if you've wanted something from us, best "git it" now (hello Father's Day!). 

You can click on the banner to see a rundown of our sales or use the direct links at the bottom. 

Closing Sales!



Thank you to all for your loyal business over the years. It's been quite a ride. Please stay healthy & safe!

The Sports Gallery Team