Jackie Robinson & Yogi Berra "1955 World Series" 11x14 Photograph (SGA UnderFifty Series)

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    Jackie Robinson & Yogi Berra, two Baseball Legends in their own right, share one of baseball’s most unforgettable moments. Yogi, of course, is the Yankee Great that played on an amazing 14 pennant-winners and 10 World Championship teams! The heart of the Yankees for 18 seasons, Berra had his famous #8 retired by the Yankees and joined the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. Jackie was not only an amazing ballplayer, winning the 1955 World Series (pictured here) and 1949 NL MVP, but he also is an important historical figure as the first African-American MLB Player in the modern era. And together these two created some magic (and controversy) in Game 1 of the 1955 World Series. Down two runs with Whitey Ford on the mound, Jackie broke from third upon Ford’s pitch. Yogi stepped forward, caught the pitch and laid down the tag. “SAFE!” signaled Umpire Bill Summers (as pictured). Well…let’s just say Yogi did not agree with the call as evidenced by his subsequent tantrum. The Yankees hung on to win the game but lost the Series. And Yogi hardly went a day without protesting that Jackie was out until his passing at age 90. He even argued with President Obama about it! Our SGA UnderFifty Series is our best framed value and the perfect way to add this classic baseball moment to your wall at a great price.  This beauty features an awesome 11x14 photograph of this 1955 World Series moment. Quality framed, this is a great piece of Sports Art celebrating two iconic players in baseball history and the steal of home that tied them together forever!