Mike Ditka & Jim McMahon "Sideline Intensity" Photograph (SGA Signature Series)

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***GET A WALTER PAYTON SPOTLIGHT 16x20 PHOTOGRAPH w/ PURCHASE OF 16x20 DISPLAY! (SEE IMAGE ABOVE) *** Even today, Mike Ditka IS the face of the Chicago Bears. Da Coach coached the Bears, a team he also played for as a Tight End, for 11 years from 1982 thru the 1992 season. Ditka is also the only individual in NFL modern history to win a championship with the same team as a player and a head coach. Most important to Bears fans, Ditka was the ONLY individual to participate in both of the last two Chicago Bears' championships, as a player in 1963 and as head coach in 1985. As a Tight End, Ditka was very good. But his coaching was even better. The Chicago Bears selected McMahon in the first round (fifth overall) of the 1982 NFL Draft. New head coach Mike Ditka made McMahon his first first-round selection. McMahon, thrilled to be "released" from what he considered a restrictive culture at BYU, strolled into his first public function with the Bears holding a cold beer in his hand. Ditka was not was the first of MANY times the two would lock horns.  But they also won games!  McMahon won the Bears' starting quarterback job as a rookie.  In 1985 the Bears won their first 12 games and finished 15–1 for the season, going on to win the Super Bowl in a 46-10 trouncing of the New England Patriots.  Without a doubt the coaching pinnacle of Ditka's career.  And McMahon became a media darling, not only for his outstanding play on the field, but also for his personality. He appeared in a rap record made by the team, "The Super Bowl Shuffle," in which he proclaimed "I'm the punky QB known as McMahon."  The best of times to be a Bears fan, this great 16x20 or 11x14 photo display celebrates the Ditka, McMahon & the Monsters of the Midway of the mid-80's.  Our unsigned SGA Signature Series is a Sports Gallery Exclusive display that includes an facsimile laser-engraved signature inset plate, this one showcasing a classic photo of Ditka and McMahon "chatting" on the sidelines and engravings of BOTH autographs.  An outstanding display that is sure to get a big reaction, the plate also includes "SB XX CHAMPS" and the classic Bears logo.  Quality Framed, this beauty is a great piece of Chicago Sports Art and perfect gift for any fan of  Da' Bears!