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Muhammad Ali vs. The Beatles Photograph (SG UnderFifty Series)

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    On February 18, 1964, the Fab Four and the boxer known simply as “The Greatest” met in Miami as the band prepared for on The Ed Sullivan Show and Ali, still known at the time as Cassius Clay, was training to fight reigning champion Sonny Liston for the world title.  According to Ali biographer Robert Lipsyte, Ali arrived late to his meeting with the band at the Fifth St. Gym in Miami Beach.  As they impatiently waited in the locker room, they messed with Lipsyte by introducing themselves with each other’s names – John Lennon started with “Hi, I’m Ringo.” But before the guys could give up and leave, in bursts Ali with the opening line “Hey Beatles, let’s make some money!” A ferociously mugging Muhammad Ali (then still known as Cassius Clay) putting some mock whoop-ass on the four Beatles, who good-naturedly oblige by cowering before the fighter. The event has often been celebrated as a de facto summit meeting of the greatest artistic/sports/socio-political figures of their era.  It was definitely an encounter between two ambitious, promising forces who were about to conquer their respective worlds.  And the resulting iconic images have lasted long after this brief encounter. This 11x14 or 8x10 photo of this famous scene is part of the SG UnderFifty Series, our best framed value. Sports Gallery Quality Framed with black wood moulding, glass, and classic matting, this beauty is the perfect way to add these historical icons to your wall at a great price. Please note that photos from this period have the vintage blurred look of bygone days of sports photography.  All of which adds to the classic feel of this timeless piece of Sports Art and makes it a stunning piece that is sure to get a big reaction.