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Our No Risk Guarantee!


nothing to lose... but so much to gain!

It's simple...we provide you with a selection of our unique sports collectibles and sports art for your auction and they do the rest, entertaining your guests and making you money. Should no one bid on a particular item (unlikely as that is), that item is returned and you owe nothing. But even without a bid, it is likely that item entertained and provided good cocktail conversation. Our items are ALWAYS the talk of a fundraiser!

There is no payment to Sports Gallery for the items prior to your event... we only require payment on those items that sell at your event. And even then we discount 30% off the price allowing you to start the bidding at an attractive price and maximize your organization's profits from the items. You will make money with the first bid with unlimited upward potential for more!

Thanks to our years of experience in providing collectibles for auctions, we have learned a lot about what tends to do best at fundraisers, in terms of generating good buzz and strong bidding activity. And what does not... Don't be fooled into thinking all Sports Items are the same. They are not. Donated Items are great but they usually are not the draw of a unique, well thought-out, FRAMED Sports Gallery Item. Check out the graphic below to better understand what we're talking about.

The Sports Gallery Fundraising Advantage

Here are a few examples of success stories from unsigned Sports Gallery Exclusive Displays (the key difference maker in working with us over other Memorabilia companies) at recent Auctions/Fundraisers:

49ers “Last Day @ Candlestick” Deluxe Panoramic w/Ticket
$199 Retail
Sold at Auction for Special Olympics for $750
Organization made $598.86

Bill Murray 16x20 “Caddyshack” SGA Signature Series
$129 Retail
Sold at Buffalo Wild Wings Mobile Gallery for $315
Organization of choice made $174.71

Muhammad Ali 11x14 Over Liston SGA Signature Series
$99.95 Retail
Sold at Buffalo Wild Wings Mobile Gallery for $250
Organization of choice made $141.30

SF Giants (2) 8x10 Display w/ Tix World Series Display
$149 Retail
Sold at Lucky Strike Mobile Gallery for $300
Organization of choice made $137.96

And many...many...more. And remember, we have signed items of all the hot athletes so Sports Gallery can supply those as well. We just had to share how well our Sports Gallery Exclusive unsigned displays do at auctions. They are eye-catching, conversation-generating, and money-making. For your convenience, we've put together a page of some of our Most Popular Auction Items. These items...and athletes...will be FUNdraising WINNERS for your organization.

So if you are having a fundraising auction, contact us and let us walk you through our Auction Program.

There's nothing to lose and so much for you and your organization to gain.

No risk guarantee

Kristie Carlquist, Sports Gallery's Fundraising Services Program Manager is ready to assist you with your fundraiser.

Kristie has a strong background in retail, fundraising, event planning and promotion. She has worked with numerous organizations and charities to meet their fundraising goals, including The Bryan Stow Fund, Tim Griffith Foundation, Dream On Foundation, Archbishop Mitty Athletics and many, many more.

So whatever your event and fundraising needs,
please don't hesitate to contact Kristie and her team at:

or .

She's ready to help make your event a smashing success.