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Philadelphia Eagles "Super Bowl LII Champions" Triple Display (Feat. Philly Special & Ertz Catch)


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    Yes, the Eagles had an amazing season full of memorable victories. But, they ALL were overshadowed by the Super Bowl. WOW! The Philly Special! Zach Ertz's Slant & Dive Game-Winning TD! The Strip Sack of Brady! So many great moments in what many consider to be the best Super Bowl ever, start to finish. And it had one of the best underdog stories in NFL history, as backup QB (and Super Bowl MVP!) Nick Foles led the Eagles to victory over the heavily-favored Patriots. He replaced injured starter Carson Wentz in December. Most experts figured the Eagles were done at that point. Ummm….no. Another big reason for the win was the game-winning TD by TE Zach Ertz featured in this display, a late-game slant pass from Foles, followed by a dive for the Endzone by Zach. After striking the ground the ball flipped in the air briefly before being grabbed by Ertz. Touchdown or dropped pass? The Officials reviewed the play for several anxious minutes and finally ruled TD! This very cool Sports Gallery Exclusive Triple Display features two 8x10 photographs of Foles (one catching the Philly Special and one with Trophy) on either side of an awesome close-up 8x10 of Ertz' heroic dive for the game-winning TD. SGA Quality Framed, this beauty is includes Sports Gallery custom plate with "FLY EAGLES FLY!", "THE BACKUP, THE DIVE & THE PHILLY SPECIAL","Super Bowl LII Champions", along with Eagles Logo. OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PLATE! Measuring 17"h x 33 1/2"w this is a unique piece of Sports Art celebrating an amazing season, game, team and not one, but two unbelievable plays! The perfect gift for any Eagles fan!