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SF 49ers "Team of the Decade" Photo Collage Patch Display (Feat. Montana, Rice, Young, Lott, The Catch, Craig & Rathman)


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***FREE SF 49ERS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH WITH PURCHASE (SIZE OF PHOTO VARIES WITH PURCHASE).*** Being the oldest major league professional sports franchise on the West Coast, the San Francisco 49ers have a rich and colorful past. They were dubbed the "Team of the Decade" in the 1980's after claiming four Super Bowl titles. The 'Niners went on to win Super Bowl XXIX in 1994 making them the first team in NFL history to win five Titles. This unmatched success combined with star power like Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and the like, have made the 49ers one of the most storied (and successful) franchises in Football History. This very cool "Team of the Decade" Patch Display celebrates their "Golden" period and features Joe Montana (one an awesome huddle shot!), Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark (making "The Catch" of course), Roger Craig & Tom Rathman, all SF football legends, fan favorites, and integral parts of the great Super Bowl winning 49er teams of years past. Measuring 21 1/4"h x 1"d x 29 1/4"w, his beauty is SGA Quality Framed with wood moulding, glass, 49ers matting, authentic logo patch, and custom plate. OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PLATE! Without a doubt, the perfect Sports Art (and gift!) for any Faithful!