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The Endless Summer Movie Mini-Poster Display (w/ "...It's Summer Somewhere In The World" Plate Option)

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Endless Summer is a long-celebrated and iconic surf movie made by California filmmaker Bruce Brown. Originally screened on the beach city surf circuit in 1964, two years before it was put into general release, where it became a surprise critical and commercial hit. "A brilliant documentary," a New Yorker review said of Brown's deceptively simple $50,000 film, "perfectly expressing the surfing spirit. "Great background music. Great movie. Out of sight." Just a handful of surf movies are thought of as first rate; Endless Summer alone is regarded as a surfing masterpiece. And the concept was simple. In his narration, Brown muses that if someone had enough time and money, they could literally follow the summer around the globe, and so Brown and two of his surfing buddies, Robert August and Mike Hynson, decide to do just that. With their surfboards as luggage, August and Hynson travel from one coastline to the next, searching for the "perfect wave" in Hawaii, Africa, Australia, Tahiti, and a number of other places where most folks had never even seen a surfboard before. Along the way, August and Hynson learn a lot about people around the world, and grow up a bit while they search for the elusive perfect wave. Often listed as one of the best sports documentaries of all-time, the phrase "Endless Summer" also took on a life of its own, even going so far as to signify a lifestyle choice.  Sports Gallery Quality Framed with wood moulding, glass and classic matting, this movie mini-poster display is available with or without SG Exclusive "On any given day of the year, it's summer somewhere in the world." plate (a movie tagline). A very cool and timeless piece of Sports/Entertainment Art measuring 17.5" w x 23" h framed, this beauty makes the perfect gift for that "Endless Summer" person in your life. Surfs Up!