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So why should you buy a collectible from Sports Gallery? Four reasons:



Joe Montana Collectibles

When you're in the sports collectibles business, authenticity is everything. We cannot continue to be in business and have valued clients that purchase from us frequently, if customers do not have utmost confidence that the signature they are purchasing is authentic. As such, our authenticity safeguards are among the best in our industry. Put simply, our goal is to make you have the utmost confidence in the authenticity of the memorabilia you are purchasing.


Warriors Collectibles

At Sports Gallery, we pride ourselves on the quality of our collection and custom framing. Not only do we work hard to make sure the athletes' signatures are authentic and without flaws, but we strive to present the collectibles in high-quality frames and shadowboxes that our customers will be proud to display in their home, office or establishments. What makes our collectibles special and, to be perfectly honest, better than the rest? Two things really: Authenticity (see above) and Presentation (read on):

  • Our high quality Framings that include black or mahogany wood moulding and, in almost all cases, special UV-protective conversation glass.
  • Quality Matting, both suede and paper.
  • Precise ironing and expert pinning in our jersey framings performed by our full-time framers with over 20 years of framing experience.
  • Unique, high-quality, and customizable display case solutions that are the finest on the market today.

We do not cut corners in materials, instead opting to customize our collectibles with the best protection and presentation on the market today. Put simply, you will not find collectible framings and displays as nice as ours. The collectible you are purchasing is special...shouldn't its display be the same? That is our overriding philosophy at Sports Gallery and what distinguishes us from our competitors, both with our products and our custom framing of client collections.

Customer Satisfaction

Building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our customers is critical to our success. Many people that purchase our collectibles are collectors that add to their home or office memorabilia collections frequently. For obvious reasons, we want these clients to feel comfortable and confident coming to us when they are seeking a new piece.

To become a collector's source for collectibles, we need them to feel good not only about the items they are purchasing, but also about their dealings and relationship with Sports Gallery. Bottom line, we need to constantly make sure our customers are satisfied with their entire Sports Gallery Experience and that's exactly what we strive for with each and every purchase.

Whether you are a one-time purchaser or a serious collector, we'll answer any questions you may have, work with you honestly and diligently on finding the right collectible to meet your needs, arrange packaging and shipping if needed, and follow-up with you on your purchase as necessary. We can even stay in touch post-purchase if you'd like so that we can make you aware of new collectibles that may be of interest to you.

And for online transactions, we've implemented state of the art procedures, processes, and technologies to make your purchase safe and easy. Please feel free to read more about shopping online at Our goal is simple - to make sure your Sports Gallery Experience is a great one from star

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